Manicure Monday! Polish Your Nails From Home

nail polish kit must-haves | don’t forget your hair ties
nail polish is the best polish

Welcome February! You lovie dovie month of love 🥰 Every Monday in February I will be focusing on self-care by doing my nails for Manicure Monday, it’s the little things in life that get me 😏 I love polishing my nails at home, the salon is fabulous but I find that I need a polish refresh about a week from having them done. DIY nails will not break the bank and allows upkeep as often as needed. I have been polishing my nails for years and although I am not perfect at “staying in the lines” it is still one of my favorite hobbies.

As a little girl during the holidays, I could not wait for family dinners because I would ask every lady at “my gathering” if I could polish their nails. They told this 6 year old yes because they are full of love. Those memories make me laugh and I’m glad I could make myself smile 😁

To polish your nails at home, you need a few supplies on hand at all times. I recommend starting small by way of nail polish collecting. I used to keep my colors for YEARS 😬 Just keep one or two “in season” favorite colors so you have less heartache tossing them when they’re expired (and do toss them). If you are starting your collection from scratch, I recommend getting a box or bag to keep your items in and an old towel.

Nail Polish Shopping List

  • 1 or 2 nail polish colors
  • 2 solid or one sparkly for an accent nail
  • clear top and base coat
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton balls or makeup remover rounds
  • nail file nail clippers
  • cuticle pusher and cutter

Tip Bits and Bobs

Eat, drink, use the restroom and have refreshments at your side. Drink with a straw and maybe have some Cheeto Balls handy… You can just dunk your tongue onto each one and you don’t have to use your hands, voilà 😂🤪 I do that. Adjust your phone settings, put on comfy clothes, tie your back out of your face, sit comfortably and turn on your favorite movie, all these things will lead to non-smudged nails. Clip, file, tend to your cuticles and wash your hands before you start, this process takes 5 minutes and it is so worth the time. Place your washcloth or hand towel underneath your painting area and set up polishing tools. You are ready to go Galentine 🙌🏻💅🏻👯‍♀️

I can’t wait to see the most popular color pick for this week. I will update this post Monday’s during February to share the polish picks! Please join me, we’ll have ball 💘

update : February, week 1

Picked and Polished! This week’s polish includes Sinful Colors easy going and OPI gaining momentum. A light hue with a touch of mega sparkles on top just the way I like it. 

sinful colors pink nail polish
OPI gaining momentum nail polish

update : February, week 2

Picked and Polished! This week’s polish includes Pure ICE flirt alert and Ruby Wing mini ride ’em cowgirl. I love a sassy pink with sparkles to compliment Valentine’s Day!

hot pink nail polish

glitter gold nail polish

update : February, week 3

Picked and Polished! This week’s polish includes L.A. color craze 33 and Pure ICE spit fire. Cooling off the color pallet is just fine with me but keep it pink, with a touch of purple!

soft pink nail polish

glitter pink and purple nail polish

update : February, week 4

Picked and Polished! This week’s polish includes Pure ICE I got a confection and Pure ICE galactic glam. As February ends a pink themed polish set in cool tones is a great transition into the spring season.

shimmer pink nail polish

glitter purple nail polish

nail polish | base and top coat (my all time favorite) | nail polish remover | pump | cotton balls | nail file | nail clippers | cuticle pusher and cutter | supply bag | towel | hair tie | hair band | hair clip | Cheetos 😁

Thank you for joining me during February for color picks of the week. Do you tend to DIY nails or hop into the salon? I hope this added a hobby to your list or helped you continue to love your DIY nails. What is your go-to nail color?

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