Welcome to the AddyJacks Blog! I am Addy and I have a lot of passions.

Although I am new to sharing words on the web I have carried a passion for fashion since childhood. I always had to have my socks aligned perfectly straight along my toes or I couldn’t put my shoes on (no one saw but I knew). I needed my mom to sew lace onto my shorts and socks and I just had preferences ever since. Current day I am trotin’ around in some items that I’ve had for 10 years, yes! In adulthood I have intentionally pinched pennies and cared so well for clothing items that updating my wardrobe has become a past time.

I am ready to search my heart and closet sharing multiple ways to wear that favorite oldie but goodie, style must-have and seasonal looks, share my favorite go-to accessories and hey! Let’s enjoy some sweet treats and home goods along the way.

A few quick details about who I am.

I got my cool nick name from my sweet Mama. I have a few of them and remember getting this one when we were standing in our dining room setting the table, she thought she was clever and funny because I loved cereal and she was right.

I love Jesus, my husband, my mom, my family and my puppies. I am very passionate about my time with my husband caring for and loving him, he is created for me. I enjoy tea and must have coffee, chocolate, Christmas, Mary Poppins, home decor, fashion, baking, reading, exercise, the outdoors and gardening which mainly means purchasing flowers after the sun has sizzled their petals.

I sew and craft like crazy spending loads of my time enjoying my hobbies including creating for my small businesses.

I grew up in a good home with my mom, two older brothers and little sister. Now I have a good dad and he is very good at taking care of my mom and caring for all 6 of us adult kiddos!

I will absolutely enjoy sharing my passions with you and hope you enjoy them too.

Grab a hot cup of tea and read with me,