Thoughtful Packaging for Seasonal and Fall Gifts

fall packaging

In particular 2020 has been a year to keep company close through thoughts and prayers.

I believe a simple gesture is a warm way to share joy, thoughts and cares. Listed are a few cute packaging ideas to enjoy during the fall season. I am delighted this year has brought us a season of refreshing weather and a time to get out our heart and share the cozy it has to offer. Included is a free greeting card (made by me!) with a few color options to add a simple hello to your goodie.

I love love love cute packaging! To me, it is half of a gift in itself 😍. Included are a few simple ways to add a little love to your packages:

  • A simple box topped with washi tape.
  • Tissue paper in a variety of colors.
  • Ribbon and Twine tied off into a knot or a bow.
  • Treat bag to hold a little gift.
  • A simple card that says it all, “Thinking of You with Love”.

Medium Shipping Box | White Shipping Box | Washi Tape | Tissue Paper (tangerine, desert tan, burgundy) | Jute Twine | Baker’s Twine | Pom Pom Trim | Treat Bag

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Do you like to add a pop of style to your packaging?! I’d love to know how you Gussie up your hello!

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